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The constantly growing automotive industry benefits nowadays from advanced manufacturing, development and logistics flows while its complexity requires a variety of packaging materials. In today’s business and manufacturing environment, companies are continuously looking into possibilities to make their processes more efficient. How to improve packaging is an important part of this focus.

Our company was strategically established to serve the automotive industry. We offer our expertise in providing innovative returnable packaging solutions for car parts. Our customers are found at every stage of the automotive industry: from component and system manufacturers to major car manufacturers, we work to create packaging solutions developed specifically for our customers’ supply chains. We create packaging solutions for both the inbound and outbound flows and for after sales.

Packaging represents a relatively small share of a company’s total costs, but the choice of packaging will not only save money for the company but it will also have a major impact on other cost centres:

  • Transportation: optimized packaging weight and size will increase transport efficiency;
  • Environment: packaging waste is reduced while packaging reusability is encouraged;
  • Handling: customized packaging reduces packing time and improve ergonomics;
  • Quality: optimized packaging protects the parts during storage and transport while it reduces damage costs;
  • Space: customized packaging is designed to save storage space of stock of finished products.

Returnable and reusable packaging is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for customers who have a high flow of goods with a limited number of distribution points. The use of collapsible packaging makes the return freight a minor cost factor. Returnable packaging is available in a range of materials suitable for different transport and handling requirements. In most cases returnable packaging is designed to be collapsible, in order to reduce costs for return shipments. A returnable packaging solution is usually combined with customized inner packaging to secure and protect the goods.


Returnable packaging includes reusable steel racks, steel pallets, stillages, textile dunnage and hand-held plastic containers. Switching from disposable packaging to returnable packaging comes with plenty of benefits:

  • Minimize packaging waste;
  • Have a better control of the quality of the products during storage and transport;
  • Protect valuable products due to packaging rigid construction;
  • Improve the loading-unloading time due to compact packaging solutions;
  • Improve ergonomics for the operators in the assembly lines;
  • Gain valuable time in the production process;
  • Increase stocks storage capacity due to waste reduction and great stackability factor of the new customized packaging.
Metalwork production

Metalwork production

Metalwork production plant for steel packaging
Textile production

Textile production

Textile production plant for textile packaging
Assembly line for steel

Assembly line for steel

Assembly line for steel and textile packaging, but also for customized plastic boxes
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